Draft principles

We’re developing the set of ecological principles that sit at the heart of the Ecostage initiative. We’ll have a peer review process soon, with people from a range of practices – some academic, some creative, some technical – and from a range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

If you have any thoughts, please get in touch, although there’ll be much more detail to get stuck into soon.

Here are the “headline” principles we’re currently working with. The final versions will be broken down into much more specific detail, with guidelines and examples.

A couple of phrases here may not make sense here without context.

Why is this important?

There are a myriad ways to make make our work greener and it would be wrong for any of us to tell others what to do. Part of being creative problems solvers is finding our own routes. But if we can agree on the fundamental principles, if our many journeys are all starting from the same point, then we will be creating something together, but in all our many rich, various and diverse ways.

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